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Dutch Chocolate

A show garden in chocolate colours for Shellevis Beton
Project: 2015
Locatie: Chelsea Flower Show, LONDON
Categorie: Showtuinen

Schellevis is proud to announce its second exhibit at The RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2015. This year, Schellevis is presenting a real (small) garden, designed by Dutch garden- and landscape-designer Carien van Boxtel. Carien also initiated the introduction of two new colours in the Schellevis range: ‘bronze’ and ‘cream’, on display in a show garden for the first time. Unlike planting, concrete is a ‘hard’ product, but in this garden Schellevis pavers and elements will show off their versatility and unique character. They will be displayed in a real small garden, joined by exquisite planting and a water feature.

‘Dutch Chocolate’ celebrates Schellevis exciting new colour range

The ‘chocolate theme’ celebrates the introduction of the new colour line of Schellevis. The new warm ‘cream’ and ‘chocolate’ shades are similar to rectangular pieces of delicious chocolate, a typical Dutch delight. Brown is a colour not to be dismissed in our gardens! Matching planting in brown and cream shades, with accents in bright orange, the Dutch national colour, will give the trade stand an appealing and mouthwatering look and feel.

Schellevis Beton BV

For over seventy years, Schellevis has been producing concrete products for gardens, landscaping and horticultural industry. Its exclusive range of products is characterised by a focus on quality, sustainability and creativity. The products have attracted national as well as international acclaim and have established an enviable reputation.

Dutch craftsmanship, Dutch design and Dutch horticulture

The Schellevis garden is first of all a tribute to the Dutch craftsmanship that Schellevis represents, but also to Dutch horticulture, without which there would be no such thing as ‘the Dutch Wave’. In the garden we celebrate all those Dutch specialist growers and nurseries who supply so many beautiful and diverse plants and bulbs. Al bulbs are offered and forced especially by FLUWEL BV.

A tribute to landscape artist Louis le Roy (1924-2012)

Le Roy is known for his land art project and masterpiece ‘De Ecokathedraal’ in Heerenveen. Le Roy built his masterpiece entirely of used concrete pavers that he ‘stacked’ without any cement. He allowed wild plants to grow freely and in abundance, creating a perfect marriage between ‘wild’ nature and manmade objects.

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